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Daily Imagination #211 - Ancient Predator Daily Imagination #211 - Ancient Predator

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I really like the design, the pose and the whole creepy ambience in general. But I wish you had used more value to make the character stick out more. To me it seems you want the lighting to be very sharp because of the highlights (which you executed very well) but it can't be done without dark values as well. So my tip, check your values constantly and don't be afraid to make some parts completely black. Also, I just realised that you're the same guy whose art I commented on a few minutes ago. Just wanted to say that you've got a great diversity of stuff! I wouldn't have guessed it before. Good job!

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A Small Adventurer's Journey A Small Adventurer's Journey

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the colours! They're so bright and saturated and it really pays off. But the perspective could be better, I feel that there isn't much of a sense of height. The trees in the background, the ground below the cliff, the guy and the dragon, there's not much in between all of these things. In my opinion, the solution would be to enlarge the canvas and show more of the background and plan how it's going to look in a thumbnail before doing anything else so that you have more freedom to exaggerate and accurately pose everything in the piece. Other than that, this picture is really pleasing to look at. Well done!

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Xephio responds:

very true, I tried my best to change the canvas size and dimensions but only got so far. I didnt think it through and when I noticed all the mistakes I was already too far into the painting to start chopping everything up and reorganize it. thanks!

Cowboy Cowboy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

First of all, the shading technique here is excellent, keep it up. All the shadows and highlights and values are great. And for the most part, the proportions are accurate.
BUT the proportions that aren't accurate do stick out to me. Not that there are many in this picture but to me it seems the right (anatomical right) arm is a noticeably short and the facial structure is quite off and a little flat.
I will say though, the hand on the right arm does look fantastic.
Good job!

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deo101 responds:

yeah, you pretty much nailed all of the things I had trouble drawing.
And i'm really glad you noticed that hand, I was really proud of it